Manage Everything from Single Dashboard

One dashboard to control and analyse all aspects of your operations. Manage Products and Inventory, Control how and where to sell, Receive orders from multiple sources and control dispatches, Push sales by using inbuilt messaging channels. All this and much more from our AI enabled dashboard.
Multiple Team Members

Add / Manage multiple team members with access controls and usage restrictions.

Manage Products

Add / Manage products with inbuilt search optimization.

Control Look and Feel

Control banners, cross selling features and general look and feel of your website.

Provide Instant Support

Provide support on mail and optionally through Web chat and WhatsApp

Inbuilt Messaging Channels

Create messages and trigger sales through internal messaging through SMS, WhatsApp and Email.

Single Dashboard

Receive orders from multiple sources, Dispatch Products, Generate reports etc. All from single AI enabled dashboard.

Products and Inventory

Manage products and inventory from fully integrated dashboard area.

Sales and Deliveries

Sell across channels and delivery from single dashboard.

Support & Manage

Provide support through multiple channels and manage with confidence.